Once fabricated, the installation of the AWC is simple. There is no need for piles or other seabed preparation – only the removal bombs and large boulders.

The base is ballasted to aid mating

Harbour tugs control movement
Ready for transport

The AWC is towed to site using anchor handling tugs. Once there, the base is ballasted down to start a controlled descent of the gravity anchor. When on the seabed, the lower part of the column is flooded to provide stability while a heavy ballast material is pumped into the base using standard dredging vessels.

Tow by Tug
Ballasting of the base
Controlled upending
Stabilisation of column

Once in place, the AWC foundation can immediately have the turbine installed, or it can be left with only navigations aids until all foundations have been deployed. This flexibility means that installation can be adapted to meet production capacity, weather windows or availability of other components.